I combine technical depth with business savvy & creative flair and an ability to think analytically. Use me for your most challenging and complex projects where you simply have to have the desired outcome without delays or cost blowouts. Yours could be a greenfield project or one that has stalled, I am the person who will take charge so you can focus on your business. I have worked internationally for more than 25 years and maintain a powerful business network.

    I have had the good fortune to work with great companies and brilliant people tackling a myriad of complex, high-value, strategic initiatives in a broad range of industries.

    Whether you are bootstrapping a new venture, revitalizing an existing company or working on an exit strategy, you need at least a sounding board and more usually you need wisdom, experience and business smarts. Advise, consult, strategize, devise, implement, manage, mentor - that's my niche and what I do everyday.

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